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Organics Recycling NEWS

Organics Recycling NEWS

The MPS LETS R.O.T. accomplishments include the successful launch of the LETS ROT program and expansion to thirty schools by the end of 2010.  We were able to divert 143 tons of organic materials from landfills and recycled 453 tons of mixed materials. 

We successfully reduced our greenhouse gas emissions while holding waste hauling costs steady during the program year 2009-2010.  According to the EPA Warm Model this is equivalent to removing the annual emissions from 293 passenger vehicles, conserving 45,121 gallons of gasoline, saving 967 barrels of oil, and eliminating 52 households’ annual energy consumption.

We increased awareness of the benefits of recycling and organics composting for approximately half of our students (17,000) and staff (2800) by the end of 2010. 

After much urging and a lot of hard work by Nutrition Services, in the spring of 2010, the district replaced Styrofoam lunchroom serving trays with compostable paper trays which meant a significant increase in organics recycled.

Minneapolis Public Schools is going green and organics recycling is the exciting new frontier! Organics recycling diverts a large percentage of waste away from the incinerator. We are committed to removing all recyclable materials from our waste streams and organics recycling is instrumental in helping us meet that goal.  Questions or comments? Please email:

Which schools are recycling their organics during the 2010-2011 school year?

  • Anderson                                         
  • Hale
  • Northrop UELC
  • Anthony
  • Hall
  • Nutrition Center
  • Armatage
  • Hmong Academy / Jordan Park
  • Pillsbury
  • Barton
  • Jefferson
  • Richard Green/ Central
  • Bryn Mawr/Parkview
  • Kenny
  • Sanford
  • Burroughs
  • Kenwood
  • Seward Montessori
  • Cityview
  • Lake Harriet Upper and Lower
  • South High School
  • Dowling
  • Lake Nokomis/Wenonah
  • Southwest High School
  • Edison High School
  • Lyndale
  • Transitions Plus
  • Field
  • Marcy
  • Washburn High School
  • Folwell
  • Nellie Stone Johnson
  • Windom
  • Hiawatha
  • Northeast